About the Technology Roadmap

The Roadmap is an online community, providing an information source and network for technology and service professionals within Tech Valley. Professionals use the tool to:

  • communicate strengths and areas of interest for their organizations
  • learn about each other, make connections and generate ideas
  • identify potential business, collaboration and commercialization partners
  • uncover unexpected ways that regional resources can be connected to create mutual benefit.

The Roadmap enables people across all levels and functions to identify opportunities for their organizations and themselves. This creates a network much broader and deeper than most, because of its accessibility and efficiency in helping users identify opportunities of interest.

How Do I Get Started

Browse: Browsing and searching is free and does not require a password.

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Create A Profile: Technology and related Service organizations located in New York’s Tech Valley may create profiles. Click to learn more about profiles and how to request one for your organization. Remember, you may join the community even if your organization does not have a profile.

Navigate: There are numerous uses for this tool, from finding out specific details about organizations in Tech Valley and mapping their locations, to posting resource opportunities on the Tech Exchange and chatting in Discussion Groups. If you’d like to read more in-depth information about these features, you may click below for more detailed information:

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Contact Us

Contact the Technology Roadmap team with questions or suggestions.

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Center for Economic Growth
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About the Center for Economic Growth

The Technology Roadmap is an initiative of the Center for Economic Growth. CEG is a regional, private, not-for-profit economic and business development organization focused on capitalizing on New York’s Capital Region’s unique assets and strengths. CEG champions efforts to enhance the Region’s competitiveness by attracting high-tech talent and companies, while providing innovative services to bolster local businesses in New York’s 11-county Capital Region and Tech Valley. The organization is committed to visionary, regional economic development through strategic initiatives. The CEG also assists local manufacturing and technology companies with generating new sales, creating stronger operational infrastructure and overcoming barriers to growth. www.ceg.org

Technology Roadmap Program
The Technology Roadmap site is part of a larger economic development program initiated by CEG. Click here to learn how the larger Technology Roadmap Program is helping to Grow local tech organizations, Attract complementary organizations and help Tech Valley communities Prepare for growth.